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Every company says that their customers are their #1 priority, but stories show us that many businesses are ready, willing, and able to go the extra mile for each and every one of their customers. There is no better advert for a company than long-lasting relationships with satisfied customers. Our ambition and our customer care reflects this. From initial advice and guidance in the early design of systems, through order processing on to delivery and proper maintenance, you can depend on our outstanding service.

We can provide a range of effective Perimeter Security Fencing, Gates & Barriers, Turnstiles and Access & Entry Control solutions to control the flow of people moving in and out of the premises, as well as within facilities themselves. Those moving within and around the facility can be closely monitored using a wide range of Surveillance systems. Any physical breach of security will be identified by our Perimeter and Intruder Detection Systems, which allow for the rapid response of security personnel.

We can supply, install, and maintain a wide range of defense solutions can be deployed to detect, track and respond to such threats including marine radar, sonar, thermal cameras, floating barriers, diver communication and disruption systems etc. and most importantly an integrated control and command solution. Increased threats to Ports and Harbors around the world also include the trafficking of people, explosives, weapons and narcotics, as well as the risk of theft.

We have a wide range of Security solutions for the protection of Oil & Gas production facilities including Intrinsically Safe detection and surveillance, Perimeter Security, Entry Control and others. We can provide expert Risk Analysis giving security guidance on Oil & Gas networks covering production plants, pipeline infrastructure, pumping stations, terminals, and even shipping.

Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions, as the representative offices of Governments overseas, have always required high levels of security, particularly in areas where terrorist cells and disaffected groups may operate. Wide range of products and services for the protection of Embassies and Embassy staff including solutions for CCTV , buildings, Access Control & ID systems , Advanced Door Locks, ID Scanners and Biometric Security and Entry Control encompassing Turnstiles, Gates, Crash Proof Barriers and Bollards, X-Ray Baggage Scanners and Walk Through Metal Detectors to detect weapons and explosives, Intruder Detection systems can also be deployed to detect unauthorized access in secure areas and many more to offer.

Critical Infrastructure need to be protected to a very high level at all times, any damage to these services can cause disruption, loss of revenues, and loss of life. Attacks on Critical Infrastructure can take the form of physical attacks to Buildings and people, or electronic attacks, either internally or via internet-facing computer-based networks.

Airports and port industry now require specialized security solutions to meet elevated threat levels to assist in the identification of suspicious activity amongst passengers and staff in and surrounding Airports.
To ensure the safety of passengers, staff and cabin crew, an extensive range of Security Screening products is available for the detection of Metal, Weapons, Narcotics, and Explosives. Our Integrated Control and Command Systems allow personnel to monitor and control every aspect of security within the Airport environment.


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