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Security Solutions

Security Solutions

We provide complete series of security solution for individual, corporate, commercial to any large applications which end user can access from internet from anywhere in the world. We are a global organization operating at the level and committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions to all of our customers. Our strength lies in our latest product, reliability, and commitment to customer service.

CCTV surveillance systems give you the peace of mind that your property is being safely monitored 24/7. One of the most effective visual deterrents to keep intruders at arm’s length is to protect the outside perimeters of your property with visible CCTV surveillance cameras.
With a large range of designs available, CCTV cameras are no longer an obtrusive object to have installed, there are many impressive designs that can even give prominence to the property or premises. Adding value to properties and reducing insurance premiums, the addition of CCTV only comes with advantages. Protecting loved ones and assets doesn’t have to be an expensive venture, with a system to suit every budget you can always be one step ahead.

CAXTEC Systems is a world leader in high resolution VGA, DVI and audio video capture, encoding, recording and streaming hardware. Backed by rock-solid customer support, our products allow you to capture, encode, record, stream and replay virtually any high-resolution video signal.

Expertly crafted to produce the fastest live streaming video for project monitoring. These dependable heavy-duty network cameras operate in extreme weather conditions. This series includes remote user-controllable Pan, Tilt, Zoom and multiple preset angles.

•    Save travel time and money with remote viewing
•    Avoid delays and disputes
•    Make qualified decisions quickly

National ID are generally thought of as the use of biometrics to identify or verify the identity of individuals when interacting with authorities as  purposes of document issuance, National ID, driver licenses, law enforcement, criminal investigations, border security, background checks and others.
We offer multi-biometric system for real-time identification of large groups of individuals using their unique biometric credentials such as fingerprints, face, iris, voice, handwriting, and other which provides a robust and effective mechanism of identity the document or person or individual for various purposes.

The Walk Through Metal Detection and Hand-held system is use to detect all kinds of concealed deadly firearms, bladed knives, grenade and all kinds of metal weapons. A non conductive, nonmagnetic device that fixes the position of the detector plane and detector axis with respect to the three-axes translation system.
Our metal detector approved for U.S. and European airports that indicates whether multiple targets are located on the left, right or center of the body as well as vertical location. Our Detector leads the industry with superior pinpoint technology and unmatched discrimination features. Designed for maximum throughput without compromising security.

Under Vehicle Surveillance System has been specifically designed to provide the user with the means to efficiently scan the underside of road vehicles in order to detect illegal or dangerous objects. Until now, the underside of vehicles has been a popular location to conceal objects for transport through security checkpoints. Such objects include explosives, drugs and other contraband, and even unauthorized persons.

The Security Road Blocker is a tough, reliable and un-compromising, providing the perfect solution for prevention of unwanted vehicle access in both manned and unmanned vehicle parking areas. Also provides an excellent deterrent against the most determined intruder.
Our PAS68 Road Blocker has been independently structurally evaluated by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) and has also been physically tested in a number of full scale crash tests conducted in accordance with PAS 68 by the Motor Industry Research Association

A true complement to security entrance lanes, the swing gates complement any facility that requires wide access in order to facilitate emergency egress or accommodate the mobility-impaired, deliveries or bulky objects.A state of the art control system monitors the Speedgates for precise location and has numerous advanced safety features built-in, the control system ensures the Speedgates operates at optimum performance with smooth operation.

Turnstile maximizes traffic flow speed, offered elegant and sophisticated design without compromising security. They are suitable for airports, Embassy, stations, offices, reception areas in corporate, governmental and financial offices, museums or passenger terminals...etc, where there is high-volume pedestrian access and high security control is required.

Providing leading manufacturer of electronic locking solutions and access control systems for the Hotel/motels industry. We have a solution for virtually every access control requirement or security need and offer a selection of innovative state-of-the-art systems that are easy to install, user friendly and reliable.

Intelligent key management, comprehensively protect your valuables and resources as offers modular, scalable key management and cost-effective solutions. Key Management System completes management solution that combines facility management, asset management, security management into a single system as Management of keys and valuables.

Intelligent electronics key and locker protect  mobile phones, laptops, or important documents: With our electronic deposit systems, we can secure your valuables: continuously, reliably, and efficiently.

Tensator post with rope
Designed to provide stylish and versatile solutions to queue management by discretely and politely guiding or informing your customers; this post will complement and enhance public areas in Airport, hotels, banks, museums, theatres and galleries. Rope is supplied with chrome snap ends as standard.

Crowd Control Barriers
These lighter weight crowd control barriers offer tremendous versatility, as they compliment, and are ideal to combine with heavy duty Crowd Barriers. Their special lightweight design means they’re easy to handle, and are compact to store. Special lightweight crowd barriers lock together using a built in clasp and hook method, which enables long rows to be easily opened on demand - should access be required.

We are able to provide cost-effective Digital Technology Systems from single camera units to multi-site systems linked to organizations own computer networks and websites, controlling any amount of cameras around the globe with a simple click of a button, with all the quality and reassurance of Digital Technology.
From Fixed Cameras to Pan & Tilt & Dome Cameras with powerful zoom lenses capable of picking out a number plate at distances greater than a mile away, we have the technology, resources and in-house skills to meet your requirements.

•    Digital Technology
•    Multi Site Networked Systems
•    ANPR Automatic Number Plate Reading    
•    Turnkey Projects
•    From Concept to Completion

Cost efficient access control solutions that are works for single system can support 1 door system to 1024 doors systems in a single software as all connected in TCP/IP Network.

A leading Access Control and Electronic Locking Solutions, with products ranging from Biometric & Online Access Control, Electromagnetic Locking, Keypads, Stand Alone Entrance Systems and Door Automation. The readers are unobtrusive, slim line and constructed from either rugged, weatherized polycarbonate, aluminum, stainless steel or chrome enclosures designed to withstand harsh environments as well as provide a high degree of vandal resistance.


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