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Parking Solutions

Parking Solutions

Our Latest parking technology to provide high-tech and effective parking control solutions.  All our Parking Management Solutions are comprehensive and cost effective. Our range of parking control systems includes Parking Management System (PMS), Parking Guidance System (PGS), hard-line entrance and exit parking gate barriers, Single space parking barrier, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) access control systems along with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems equipped with High Definition cameras.

The Laser Speed Gun Cam delivers high performance with Mega Pixel Camera for true indisputable evidence for traffic speed violation both image and video. Easy roadside use for both portable and car dashboard mounting. The first traffic laser with poor weather mode, allowing for improved performance in dust storm, fog, rain, snow, and dust.  The rugged aluminum housing and rubber bumpers protect the unit from damage. The Laser Speed Gun Cam is powered by 12 VDC handle or optional long-life battery pack or directly from car Cigarette 12Dc power  and backlit LCD for night time operations.

We offers a wide range of laser-based products for Law Enforcement agencies for everything from speed enforcement. The use of lasers or lidar (light detection and ranging) for speed enforcement is growing every year and will soon be the standard for law enforcement departments around the world. Laser Technology's design process for speed equipment is driven by the demands of real world needs.  Enforcing speeds within multilane highways and discouraging the use of radar and lidar detectors are just a few. The most important need law agencies have to address is that their speed enforcement equipment has to stand up in court.

Parking Guidance System (PGS) direct and guide you to the most convenient available parking space in the parking facility. PGS to ensure the highest possible occupancy, optimal space utilization and provide a stress-free pleasurable environment for parking customers also reduce valuable time and fuel. The occupancy of each parking space is constantly monitored via ultrasonic (Indoor) or magnetic sensors(Outdoor).
This information is collected with the help of data Controller and send it to server trough standard cable bus or IP Network, where the PGS software accurately directs drivers to areas of vacant parking spaces. Moreover, it provides occupancy level analysis over the specified periods of time, allowing parking managers to make intelligent and timely decisions that improve operational excellence of parking lot.

Private Parking Barrier is a system for the automatic car parking space protector for parking bay is remote controlled for individual parking spaces. Also Mobile apps options available to operate their Barrier. Power-pack, Battery-operated, Solar power, Direct power connected Private Parking Barrier® needs only to be fixed on the ground and it's ready to use. A power pack, placed under the cover, has an autonomy of 6 MONTHS for one-time charge and untimate version available for no power requirement and can be use 1-2 Years without any power.

Our paid parking system can be used at every closed car park, parking area or multi-storey car park. Also suitable for hotels, sport, culture or business facilities – simply everywhere where vehicle movement control in restricted areas, traffic regulation and detailed parking fee payment accounting are needed.

Our Parking Barriers can be used from the smallest car parks with just a few parking spaces up to complex of multi-storey parking facilities for thousands of cars with many entries and exits.
Using sophisticated control system requires minimum operator skills to manage parking. Multiple security measures prevent unauthorized intervention into system operation and cash flow.
Our system cooperates with various access control systems, prepaid resident parking systems and it is able to link up to third-party control and security systems. Our system also allows easy integration of optional components such as ANPR cameras, PGS (parking guidance system), etc.

High-Tech industrial grade traffic barrier gives you the ultimate in traffic control parking barrier can open / Close in 1.2 seconds. Designed for tough, high-volume traffic control, it will work all day, it will work all night - lasting millions of cycles, Add full battery backup, and always at the service even if there is now power.

Main features includes on barriers are ,Rapid opening, Battery backup, High-torque boom pole operation, Safe sensitivity for boom pole lowering, Robust, durable and slim line operator casing, Comprehensive input and output, Operate wirelessly.


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